An elegant burnt-clay flat roof tile that delivers a strikingly beautiful modern roofline. Domino interlocking tile is a flat, single-lap interlocking design with a smooth lustrous appearance enhanced by a broken bond laying pattern.

  • Category: Clay Tiles



  • Outstanding aesthetics - the straight lines ensure a contemporary roofline.
  • Highly scratch and shock resistant - the use of only the finest raw materials and the non-contact individual baking process ensures a smooth lustrous finish that is highly scratch and shock resistant that is unprecedented in heavy ceramics.
  • Water tight under extreme weather conditions - the horizontal interlocking mechanism optimises flow characteristics, safe water paths and a tight fit. The pronounced deep structure of the vertical interlock allows for optimum water drainage even under excessive weather conditions.
  • Excellent stability and ventilation - longitudinal wedge-shaped support ribs guide and drain away any possible occurring condensation on the tiles below. Two stable suspension lugs allow for a secure hold and for a reliable ventilation of the roof battening.
  • Reduced maintenance cycles and installation labour – Ridge connection ventilation tile slots into ridge tiles to secure a tight fix without the conventional mortar or dry-fixing (ridge roll) method. *This method is optional; ridge fixing can be done using traditional methods.




Size of Tile437 x 257mm
Minimum Pitch16ᴼ Maximum Pitch: 55ᴼ (Above maximum pitch consult Marley Roofing)
Cover Widthmin. 223mm, on av. 224mm, max. 225mm
Covering Length:min. 343mm, on av. 348mm, max. 354mm
Covering Capacitymin. 12,4 tiles/m², on av. 12,7 tiles/m², max. 13,1 tiles/m²
Weight per tile + - 4kg Battens Required: 3.13 lin.m/m²
Batten Size Recommended

38 x 38mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 760mm centres 

38 x 50mm (batten fixed flat) for rafters/supports not exceeding 900mm centres 

38 x 50mm (batten on edge) for rafters/supports not exceeding 1 000mm centres

Note: Above 760mm the rafter spacing can be increased only with engineer designed trusses and with 38 x 50mm batten of the correct grade. All structural timber must comply with S.A National Standards. Tile Nails: 50mm Corrosion-resistant tile fixing nails

Download Data Sheet

Flat Clay Interlocking Tile Data Sheet.pdf