A premium quality, precision engineered, light weight clay tile, in keeping with the most popular roof traditions in Europe.

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  • Superior quality – EN1304 certified with a 35-year warrantee if assembled/installed to correct guidelines
  • Precision fit and dimensional exactness - allows for perfect fitting, quick and easy assembly.
  • Lightweight roof
  • Soluble salt resistant – well suited to coastal areas
  • Excellent performance under extreme weather conditions – suitable to areas with big thermal amplitudes. 
  • Impermeable – Low porosity, 3% to + - 1%
  • Economic breakage factor – high flexural strength results in reduction in breakage


TECHNICAL DATA *Based on Red – size and weight of tiles vary per colour:

Size of Tile445 x 249mm Minimum Pitch: 18ᴼ (Dependant on climatic zone and situation)
Maximum Pitch41ᴼ (Dependant on climatic zone and situation)
Minimum Headlap73mm
Maximum Batten Centres380mm Cover Width: 200mm (nominal at lock mid shuffle position)
Covering Capacity12 tiles/m² (net)
Weight of Tiling+ - 37,2 kg/m²
Battens Required:2,70 lin.m/m²
Batten Size Recommended:

38 x 38mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 760mm centres

38 x 50mm (batten fixed flat) for rafters/supports not exceeding 900mm centres

38 x 50mm (batten on edge) for rafters/supports not exceeding 1 000mm centres

Note: Above 760mm the rafter spacing can be increased only with engineer-designed trusses and with 38 x 50mm batten of the correct grade. All structural timber must comply with SANS 1707 and SANS 1783

Tile Nails: 

  • 4,5mm x 40mm corrosion-resistant nails for tile fixing.
  • 6,0mm x 80mm and 6,0mm x 120mm corrosion-resistant nails for fixing of special ceramic accessories such as Over Eave Tiles/Half Tiles etc.

Hanging length: 372mm (nominal)


Advanced Lusa Interlocking Clay Tile Data Sheet.pdf