Concrete Tiles

Double Roman

A true classic that has set the industry standard for concrete roof tiles over the past 50 years. It continues to be a popular choice due to both the ageless design’s versatility and the fact that it is the most economical tile in our range.


The design that broke the mould for concrete tiles by successfully emulating traditional bent clay roof tiles, featuring a deep parabolic (high arch) roll instead of the usual round roll. This tile is ideal for use with Mediterranean style architecture, from French Provencal to Portuguese Colonial.


This sophisticated design is unique to Eagle Roof Tiles in South Africa. Shingle tiles offer a different look from every angle, while the movement of the sun causes changing shadow lines to make the roof come alive. Used in European architecture for centuries, the flat profile remains a stylish choice for modern architecture.


Understated elegance with the cost advantage and durability of concrete roof tiles. Our Slate design perfectly complements contemporary modern architecture with clean lines.


A tile that combines the lasting appeal of original cement roof tiles with a touch of Mediterranean flair.


A traditional design that evolved from the original cement roof tiles, it has stood the test of time and endured thanks to continuing demand.

Clay Tiles

Flat Interlocking Clay Tile

An elegant burnt-clay flat roof tile that delivers a strikingly beautiful modern roofline. Domino interlocking tile is a flat, single-lap interlocking design with a smooth lustrous appearance enhanced by a broken bond laying pattern.

Advanced Lusa Interlocking Clay Tile

A premium quality, precision engineered, light weight clay tile, in keeping with the most popular roof traditions in Europe.