Saflok 700 is a concealed fix sheet profile with an effective cover width of 700mm. It is an angular interlocking standing seam trapezoidal rib profile, and can be roll-formed on site. Saflok 700 can be curved or bullnosed to a minimum internal radius of 450mm. Reverse cranking is not possible.

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Sample Specification:

Safintra 0,50mm thick Saflok 700 Colorplus® AZ150 interlocking roof sheeting fixed to steel internal purlins at 1900mm centres and ridge/eaves purlins at 1700mm centres using Saflok 700 clips which are fastened to steel purlins with Fixtite® or Safintra approved wafer head self-tapping fasteners, all in accordance with manufacturers recommendation.

The sheeting will be a double interlocking concealed fix Saflok 700 profile as manufactured by Safintra. Roll-formed in continuous lengths from certified G550 steel.

The profile shall be roll-formed with 4 ribs and centres not exceeding 233mm and a cover width of 700mm. The male rib is to include spurs to ensure a double interlocking action with adjacent sheets. The minimum rib height will be 41mm. Two stiffening ribs are incorporated in each pan.


Lengths and Roof Pitch: 

Saflok 700 can be ordered in any practical length as per customer requirements. On-site rolling is recommended for lengths in excess of 13.2 metres. The minimum roof pitch when using Saflok 700 is 2° on steel and 3° on timber.

Saflok 700 was designed for roof pitches from as low as 2°. When applying to very steep roof pitches, it is recommended to pierce fix through each sheet under the flashing or capping.

This should be done along the top of the sheet to prevent the concealed fix sheeting from sliding downward on the fixing clips. Clip-in marks might be visible on high pitched roofs or vertical applications. This visual effect might not be aesthetically pleasing in a residential application.


Fixing Guide:

Where insulation is to be installed, you may need to increase the length of the fasteners given below, depending on the density and thickness of the insulation and spacer. 

When thefastener is properly tightened:

• Into metal: there should be at least three threads protruding past the purlin you are fixing to, but the shank guard must not reach that purlin.

• Into timber: the fastener must penetrate the timber by at least 30mm.

Saflok 700 Clip 20:


The Saflok 700 Clip 20 incorporates two anchors to clasp the two inner ribs and a dual action gooseneck to positively hold down the male-female joint.

1. The Saflok 700 clip 20 is the recommended clip for Saflok 700 onto timber purlins.

2. The patented design is strong and durable.

3. Suitable for installation on a tubular frame.

4. The entire clip is manufactured from 0.8mm Aluminium-Zinc coated steel for compatibility with sheeting.

5. The extended base plate is self-aligning

Saflok 700 Clip 35:


The fully interlocking Saflok 700 Clip 35 incorporates two anchors to clasp the two inner ribs and a dual action gooseneck to positively hold down the male-female joint.

1. The Saflok 700 clip 35 demonstrates an excellent hold down capability in negative wind uplift load tests.

2. Stiffener ribs on a 0.8mm base plate add formidable strength, specifically over the gooseneck.

3. Full width engagement on the gooseneck male rib joint.

4. Five fastening points for strength.

5. Engineer-designed geometry of anchor unit for optimal performance under high wind loads and foot traffic.

6. Entire clip is manufactured from Aluminium-Zinc coated steel for compatibility with sheeting.1

Saflok 700 Installation: 

1. Starting with the female rib first, align the first row of clips and fasten on all five fastening positions.

2. Lay the first sheet down over the clips. Starting at the eave side, clip the sheet onto the clips by first engaging the anchors and then engaging the female rib over the gooseneck and male rib.

3. Engage the gooseneck of the next row of clips over the male rib and fasten on all five fasteners. Repeat from step 2.


Download Spec Sheet

Saflok 700 Spec Sheet.pdf