Newlok’s unique interlocking clipping system incorporates a concealed cleat to positively hold down the male-female joint at every rib. The profile can be roll-formed by a mobile mill on the building site, in continuous lengths. The two-part cleat allows for natural thermal expansion and contraction of the sheet, and the 50,8mm rib height delivers optimal water shedding capabilities at slopes as low as 1.5°.

  • Category: Concealed Fix Profiles


Sample Specification: 

  • Safintra Newlok, roll-formed in 0.50mm Colorplus® AZ150, unseamed/seamed, fixed to steel internal purlins at 1600mm, and steel ridge/eaves purlins at 1400mm centres using Newlok clips which must be positively fixed to purlins with Fixtite® or Safintra approved wafer head self tapping fasteners, all in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • The roof sheeting shall be manufactured by Safintra, roll-formed in continuous lengths and cut to length from Aluminium or Aluminium-Zinc coated steel. The profile shall be roll-formed with 2 ribs of 50.8mm and a cover width of 445mm. Two stiffening ribs shall be incorporated in the pan.Line drawing of pan and dimensions

Lengths and Roof Pitch: 

With the aid of a mobile rolling mill, custom lengths can be rolled on-site. To date the longest continuous sheets in South Africa have been in the region of 130m long. Off-site rolled sheets are cut to transportable lengths (approximately 13.2m).


 Fixing Guide: 

The Newlok cleat incorporates a two-part component to positively hold down the male-female joint on every rib. It also incorporates a sliding halter to allow for thermal movement. Seaming is recommended for Industrial and Commercial applications. For residential purposes, a unseamed configuration is adequate due to reduced loadings.

Newlok Single-Part Fixed Cleat:

The Newlok fixed cleat is used to secure the Newlok profile to the purlins. These cleats are used on residential roofs where the sheets are not excessively long and thermal expansion is minimal.


Newlok Two-Part Clip:

The Newlok sliding cleat is used to secure the Newlok profile to the purlins. These cleats are used in Industrial and Commercial roofs where the sheets are long and thermal expansion is prevalent.


Newlok Installation:

1. Starting with the female rib first, align the first row of cleats and fasten on all fastening positions.

2. Roll the sheet over the cleats and lock the sheet into place.

3. Engage and fasten the next row of cleats over the male rib. Repeat from step 2.